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Are you looking to inspect the roof on your property or building, but don't want the hassle or expense of scaffolding or working at dangerous heights?


DTV Drone Crew will inspect your property with our specialised drones. We can inspect roofs at close proximity, check chimney stacks for faults, basically we can send a drone into the air to check out any aspect of your property, whether it be a private residence or commercial building.


Using drones for this kind of work is proving to be an extremely cost effective and safe way of conducting inspections. Our drone operators will ensure everything is planned for and will carry out all the background work to ensure we stay legal and safe at all times.


We will provide photo and video footage on any format you require, from memory stick to compact disc.


Shooting with a 20mp camera, you will be able to see every fine detail in 4K quality, ideal for insurance purposes or to get a better understanding of where the issues and problems lie.


For more information about our drone property inspection services, please get in contact. 

Drone Roof Inpections
Drone Roof Inspection
Roof Inspection
Drone Roof Inspection Kent


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