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Live Event Aerial Filming

From filming on a festival site, to producing a compelling and unique video of a country estate, we have covered it all. We will film from the air to provide you with an amazing view of your event. We provide the whole package including a professional editing service to complement our aerial filming.

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Property Aerial Filming

Whether you require a video of a stately home, or your office premises, we can help! We will guide you through the whole process, take care of all the legalities, and create a masterpiece for you to use as you wish. Our editing team will ensure the footage is made into something to be proud of.

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Promotional Aerial Filming

A professional video of a service or product you are promoting can really sell it! Using our services, we will film at unique angles to set your service or product apart from the rest. We will then edit the footage into a polished production ready for you to get it out there and start promoting.

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Estate Agency Aerial Filming

We can create short films that you can use to promote and sell your properties. This method is a great marketing tool and will be an invaluable asset to your business. We can also create videos in the style of MTV's Cribs, to give a compelling insight into a property, fully edited and delivered on a variety of formats. 

Nature Wedding Photography

Wedding Aerial Filming

Capturing your big day is one of the most important decisions to make when getting married, as these will make the memories you can look back at in years to come. DTV Drone Crew can capture video and photos of your big day from the air. We can also work alongside your photographer and/or videographer.

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Special Event Aerial Filming

If you are hosting an outside special event, such as a birthday, we can provide you with a complete drone package to capture your guests and the atmosphere from a completely unique angle, creating memories from positions that would not be possible without the use of drone technology. 

DTV Drone Crew operators are not just drone pilots, they are also professional videographers, who know inside out what shots will be amazing and will give maximum effect. We will ensure you are left 100% happy with the finished product and will provide you with something to be proud of.  We utilise the latest technology and will only shoot with a minimum of a 20mp 4K camera, ensuring the best quality possible for our clients.

Our operators are fully CAA approved Operational Authorisation holders (previously known as PfCO, Permission for Commercial Operations) and we carry full insurance and cover all the legalities involved with shooting from the air. We have covered a range of high profile events ranging from music festivals, open air concerts, corporate promotional shoots and estate videography. Our qualifications also allow us to fly at night, which can give a whole new perspective to daytime shooting.

We will ensure your production is fully edited and polished into a professional, modern, unique video, presented to you on any format you require. To discuss your aerial video requirements, please get in contact. 

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