Live Event Drone Photography

Live Event Aerial Photography

Having worked on many festival sites across the UK, we are well versed in providing our services to the event and entertainment industry. We will provide you with a whole portfolio of photographs of your event or special occasion in the highest quality every time.

Property Drone Photography

Property Aerial Photography

Would you like to have aerial photographs of your property for promotional purposes? DTV Drone Crew can help! We will take care of all the important preparations and will provide you a unique view of your property or premises swiftly, legally and safely.

Promotional Drone Photography

Promotional Aerial Photography

Whether it be a service or a product you provide, we can use our drone technology to promote it from a totally different perspective. We will work with you through every step to ensure you are provided with a full set of photographs that really do your service or product justice.

Estate Ageny Drone Photography

Estate Agency Aerial Photography

Being an estate agent and having at your disposal a qualified drone operator can be a great asset. A totally unique and compelling view of a property can be a real selling point. We can provide a full set of high quality photographs of a property for much less than you may think.

Wedding Drone Photography

Wedding Aerial Photography

We can provide you with a collection of fully edited aerial images of your big day, giving you a unique view from above. DTV Drone Crew will also photograph your wedding venue and grounds. We can also create those signature shots such as hearts made of people!

Special Event Drone Photography

Special Event Aerial Photography

Having photos to bring back memories is one thing, but imagine having aerial shots of your special event to look back on! We will work with you and your suppliers to create completely unique shots from the air that you would not usually see from the ground.

DTV Drone Crew operators are not just capable of flying a drone, they are also professional photographers, who can line up amazing shots with ease and to maximum effect. We utilise the latest technology and will only shoot with a minimum of a 20mp 4K camera, ensuring the best quality possible for you.

We also encourage our clients to view images live from the air whilst we are in flight on a dedicated screen, so that you can also have an input into the images as they are being captured.

Our drone operators are CAA approved Operational Authorisation holders (previously known as PfCO) and we carry full insurance and cover all the legalities involved with shooting from the air.

Some of the events and projects we have covered include large music festivals, outdoor concerts, corporate promotional shoots and large estate photography. Our qualifications also allow us to fly at night, which can give a whole new perspective to daytime shooting. To discuss your aerial photography requirements, please get in contact. 

Drone Photography